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LLC TNK-KONTAR combination of product strength, intellectual capital and character has enabled the firm to achieve leadership positions across all of our major business lines. LLC TNK-KONTAR serves one of the largest oil and gas franchises in the Russian Federation and is a leader in asset management, investment banking, private banking, treasury and securities services, and commercial banking. Our goal is to help clients succeed, contribute to orderly and well-functioning markets, and support global economic growth.

LLC TNK-KONTAR is an independent company with the main goal of providing storage tank facilities and transportation of petroleum, with several locations all over the Russian, Netherlands and USA. We have developed our services and are at the fore front in the design and maintenance of high quality tank storage facilities modernization and sea transportation of petroleum products.

LLC TNK-KONTAR was the first company, which completed in the framework of the comprehensive reconstruction of its tank farms. Modernization of the LLC TNK-KONTAR tank farm base significantly increased the efficiency of production processes, reduce costs and increased storage quantity of fuel this also increase the level of safety of the facility. Automated Systems: introduced a system of commercial accounting of oil products, self-service drivers has reduced the time of shipment of petroleum products tripled, new software eliminates the inaccuracies in the shipment volumes of fuel.

Much attention is paid to safety during the renovation, technological and environmental reliability. Established a comprehensive emergency protection sensors, controls the composition of the air and limiting the level of fuel in the tanks, automatic fire extinguishing system. Commissioning the installation of vapor recovery minimized the level of hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere, using the most modern system of sealed bottom loading

Reconstruction of tank farms and construction of new facilities - priority projects of LLC TNK-KONTAR. Proper maintenance of the tank farm base can guarantee the safety of the amount and quality of fuel, as well as making labor more technological professionals and skilled. The first year of operation of the LLC TNK-KONTAR after reconstruction demonstrates that due to the almost complete automation of object sets a new standard in the industry, both in efficiency and safety, and level of service as a whole. The experience gained will be used in the reconstruction of tank farms other companies.

LLC TNK-KONTAR is engaged in transshipment and storage of oil products. The assets of the company tank farms in all Russia port terminals. LLC TNK-KONTAR has a large volume of the tank farm, transport infrastructure development, technological equipment for transshipment of light oil and fuel oil in the rail, road and river transport, as well as storage facilities for packaged products. At the sites the company has well-developed quality control system and the safety of oil.

LLC TNK-KONTAR - a strategic object in its region, located near several refineries, where the fuel enters the tank farm by pipeline.

The combined volume of the tank storage facilities is above 11,7m metric tons per year, the volume of transshipment – 8,3 m metric tons per year. Power tank farm allows us to serve hundreds of tanker trucks a day.

Nothing is more important than personal safety – our own safety and that of everyone around us
Nothing is more important than personal safety – our own safety and that of everyone around us

Every day we handle potentially hazardous hydrocarbons. We also work at heights; in enclosed spaces; and next to water.

We measure the safety performance of each of our terminals by assessing its Total Injury Rate (TIR). This metric reflects lost-time incidents, cases requiring medical treatment, injuries that lead to a restriction of normal work duties, and fatalities.

All of these are acceptable risks provided we recognise them and stay in full control.

And the real point here is that word ‘we’. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and although we invest in world-class safety technologies, eyes and ears are also some of the most important safety equipment we have.

There is no difference between the safety of our employees and that of our contractors – everyone’s well-being is paramount. In January 2013, we therefore took the decision to include all contractors in our TIRs, as well as LLC TNK-KONTAR staff. This raised the bar even further when it comes to the challenge of safety.

We combine this with a no-blame culture. Everyone feels free, and is positively encouraged, to speak up if they see something wrong. The only important thing is to fix it, learn from it and make sure everyone goes home safe.

In Our Communities

LLC TNK-KONTAR Are big tank storage and shipping company, We help in storing of Crude oil and Petrochemical products from our operations, and trades and brokers of oil and gas from other oil and gas producers to supplement its production, hedge against price volatility and satisfy demand for oil and gas supplies where the company does not operate. The company also trades emission allowances and provides a wide array of transportation-related services.



LLC TNK-KONTAR is one of the leaders in bunkering in Easten Europe. This is as a result of the effectiveness and reliability of our company in Ports of Russia in connection with the intensive development of river and sea shipping and marine growth in demand for fuel in the region. In 2011 Our Company expanded its bunkering activities outside the Ports of Russia and Easten Europe, using our own ship bunkering vessel with deadweight of 1500 tons.

In addition, our Partners and Group companies provide services bunkering in all Russian commercial ports, and Rotterdam, Netherlands. In 2012, the Group acquired the means for bunkering in Novorossisk (capacity – 2.9 thousand tons at the same time). The ports of the Far East Russian ports of the Black Sea Russia Vanino: – Primorsk – Novorossiysk – Sovetskaya Gavan – Tuapse – Kholmsk – Caucasus – Korsakov – the Kerch Strait.

In Vladivostok currently, the fleet in the port of Novorossiysk includes two oil-carriers / bunkering vessel – m / v TNK-KONTAR “DWT 2577 ton, m / v” Volga “DWT 4004 . tons and ship bunkering “Prometey” DWT 1621 ton currently purchased oil storage consists of: fleet 3 tank tanks 700 m3 each, 2 100 m3 total.

Tanker trucks of high performance tools for bunkering Group Novorossiysk is expected to expand significantly in the near future due to the construction of a new bunkering terminal with a special place, which is scheduled to be commissioned at the end of 2017. This development will increase the supply of bunker fuel several times in the port of Novorossiysk and Tuapse ports, the port of Kavkaz and Kerch Strait. The terminal includes: tank park with total storage capacity of 19,000 m3; tanker, filling ramp; oil ejection station 6 road tankers, pumping petroleum station means for recycling waste .


The pipeline passes through the Russian provinces of Bryansk, Smolensk, Tver, Novgorod and Leningrad.The Ust-Luga terminal was selected as the termination point of the pipeline for several reasons. The Gulf of Finland, the easternmost realm of the Baltic Sea, is characterised by a short ice-over period and can be easily accessed by other major ports situated in Northern Europe. ​ Another advantage is that the Ust – Luga port offers congestion-free transportation unlike the congested St. Petersburg Port. The port is also being developed with modern and new infrastructure. Further, there is a plan to build highways and railway lines to beef up transportation infrastructure between the port and important commercial centers located in north western part of the country.


 Baltic Pipeline System-2 (BPS-2) is a Russian oil supply system built and operated by Transneft, a government-owned company responsible for oil pipelines in the country, in conjunction and full co-operation with Oil Refineries and Tankfarms. The pipeline is 727miles (1,170km) long, running from the Unecha town of Unechsky District, Bryansk Oblast, to Ust-Luga, Leningrad Oblast, via Smolensk, Russia. The oil pipeline is being built in two stages. The first stage was officially commissioned in March 2012 by the current Russian President Vladimir Putin. The second stage reached completion in December 2013. The construction cost of BPS-2 is estimated at $4bn. Transneft, Rosneftbunker, are the joint operators of BPS-2 trunk line.



Stage one of the Baltic Pipeline System-2 is designed to carry 30 million tons of oil per year. The completion of the second stage will enable the pipeline to transport additional 20 million tons of oil per annum. “Stage one of the Baltic Pipeline System-2 is designed to carry 30 million tons of oil per year.”Diameter of the pipeline for the first 473 miles (761.2km) is 42in, and thereafter becomes 40in. The project includes a total of eight pumping stations. Two new pumping stations were constructed and two existing pump stations were overhauled in the first stage. The remaining stations will be added in the second stage of the project. The number 7 pumping station will be provided with an oil depot with a capacity to store 80,000m3 of oil.

LLC TNK-KONTAR, tanks for storage of oil are new modern transshipment complex with latest technology, equipped with all necessary communications. They all act in accordance with all requirements to modern transshipment complex and subject to specific land use, eco-friendly environmental audit scheme for the development of the railway track, traffic flows and the possibility for further expansion.

LLC TNK-KONTAR focuses on multimodal transport of containerized goods, whose share in the overall structure of the world market of transport services is constantly growing. In 2013, LLC TNK-KONTAR started to provide services Freight forwarding by using the universal rolling stock. Depending on customer needs, the range of the goods transported may be supplemented with goods, resistant to weathering. LLC TNK-KONTAR employs about 10,000 rail tank cars for transportation of light, dark and viscous oil and 8,600 tanks for liquefied petroleum gas.

LLC TNK-KONTAR petroleum storage depots Service is a state-of-the-art service center for maintenance and repair of tanks intended for the carriage of liquefied gases (LPG). The favorable geographical location helps our clients optimize their travel expenses related to the delivery of cars for repair stations, auto repair shops by means of the proximity of railways North, Gorky and Kronstadt. Annually LLC TNK-KONTAR Tech supports about 5,300 tank-wagons.


LLC TNK-KONTAR Storage company and services team has over 10 years of combined crude oil Storage and shipping experience. Our team is currently purchasing over 90,000 bpd of crude oil and condensate from over 100 small to medium sized production companies.

Our main objective is to increase long-term storage of crude oil and shipping lease at a competitive price. Our clients expect LLC TNK-KONTAR to optimize well head values through detailed analysis and implementation of innovative transportation options, reduced quality differentials and tariff structures; as well as utilizing Risk Management Pricing tools.

It is our belief that an extremely competitive market requires solid working relationships built with each client in order to maintain and increase volumes. It is the goal of LLC TNK-KONTAR's Producer Services group to remain the first choice among the producing community by providing competitive and unique pricing structures, market intelligence, and outstanding customer service.


 Several new technologies were applied for drilling in 2017. Application of silicate tanks in the productive formations interval: Use of G-grade cement; application of collar cementing units; and for achievement of high oil production rates - construction of horizontal wells and down-hole splitters - are all among the most effective technologies in terms of the wells casing quality.

In 2017 LLC TNK-KONTAR drilled 12 slim hole wells (SHW) and 13 of those wells were commissioned for oil production (oil production volume amounted to 5.863 thousand tons). The average production rate reached 4.7 tons per day. The total number of SHW drilled from the beginning of the method implementation amounts to 55 slim wells.




LLC TNK-KONTAR performs various types of air cargo. We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of logistics, the best routes and guarantee the safety of goods.

As professionals in this field, we provide a number of additional services such as customs clearance, certification, insurance and custody.

We provide freight transportation by any means of transport, depending on the specifics of the goods, including


medical, laboratory, construction, repair, processing, etc.

Fragile goods, precision instruments:

special equipment, lighting and electrical

Perishable goods and pharmaceuticals:

a variety of drugs as well as food, flowers

Spare parts for various purposes

Raw materials and components for the preparation of medical compositions

Goods requiring special conditions of delivery:

For example, maintaining a certain temperature;

Road Transport – ideal means the movement of goods in small and medium distances. Reliability, efficiency and safety, value for money and quality – virtues that characterize the trucking today.

LLC TNK-KONTAR specialists are ready to offer to its customers:

– Modern fleet
– Thoroughly thought-out logistics scheme
– The most convenient routes for transportation
– The most advantageous conditions of delivery

We offers a full range of services for the transportation of your goods to the regions of Russia and abroad. We provide freight transportation by any means of transport, depending on the specifics of the goods, including:

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo:

For example, industrial equipment, machinery, pipes or other “outsized”;

Transport of Dangerous Goods:

in compliance with all rules and safety requirements, and with the accompaniment of an experienced freight forwarder;

Transportation of perishable cargo:

ensuring the necessary conditions for the storage and delivery times.

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OGRN: 1081674002520
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Skype: tnk-kontar.1
WhatsApp :  +79670386044

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